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Spring 2011 Urban Golf Tournament

Hear ye, hear ye — let it be known far and mutha-effin’ wide that Toronto Urban Golf is at it again! It’s been nearly four years of our crazy little urban golf tourneys — and we’re getting really exited about our route for this next one!

In response to popular request, we’re having an EAST END route! As we’ll be heading through Chinatown East, the theme, naturally, is “THE FAR EAST”! Exact Tee Off locale TBA — after-party at the CoG for the Wig Out Social for Fesso & Lu!

RSVP & stay tuned for full details — or email us if you wanna jump in on the planning team. ( is the address at which we can be reached.)

What is …Urban Golfing, you say?

Well, my little chickadee, read this FAQ, and all shall be revealed:


This is a *costumed* event, a “real” game of golf in an urban setting, and a bar jaunt par excellence! It is a 19+ event, as we will be frequenting bars as part of each round.

Prizes will be given, incl. for best costume, so start hitting up those thrift stores now for some silly, golf-y goodness! A small greens fee will apply (a paltry $3) so plan to bring cash for greens fee and drinks — and ID, just to be on the safe side.

Now, start planning your outfits, spruce up those clubs, and get ready for a raucous jaunt. Game on!

A note on what to bring:

– Cash for greens fees ($3) and bars. (Tip your hardworking bar staff!)
– A club — can be anything that you can whack a ball with — hockey stick, actual golf club (maybe decorated?), tennis racket, broom, umbrella, etc.
– water bottle — the routes can be deceptively long and the game is more fun if you stay hydrated!

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