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Most expensive cities to live in Canada

  1. Vancouver- Vancouver is ranked as the most expensive city to live in North America. The average price of a house is almost at $750,000. Being the third largest film industry in North America, the city proves its worth to the visitors. The beauty of the city can be taken by long walks on the busy roads, the long stretch of the bike routes and of course, a view of the beautiful skyline. Despite being a major and most expensive city, Vancouver has the lowest carbon footprint in the North America, when compared to other major cities.
  2. Toronto- The average price of a house here is around $490,000, making it the second most expensive city to live in Canada. This also the country’s largest city and is known for its exposure to various cultures. The downtown of Toronto is always bustling with people from different parts of the world, experiencing the vibrant dining, entertainment and theatre. The city is filled with thousands of things to do, all within its borders and hence never disappoints a tourist.
  3. Victoria- This is the third most expensive city to live in Canada, with the average house priced at $422,000. Unlike most of the other major cities in Canada, Victoria is a sunny city with fauna appearing by early March, while the rest of the country is still struggling with clearing snow. A fun fact about this city is that it holds an annual flower count and in 2012 they claimed that they had almost 2 billion blooms.victoria
  4. Calgary- Also known as Canada’s energy capital, the average cost of a house in this city would be around $419,000. The city is also surrounded with some of the major tourist attractions of Canada like the Rockies, Banff National Park, etc. The plus side about this city is that, you do not have to pay the Provincial sales tax.
  5. Hamilton/Burlington- With the average cost of a house at $350,000, Hamilton is the fifth most expensive urban home center in Canada. The city of Burlington has nine golf courses within its borders and is home to the 7th largest gallery in the state of Ontario. The main attraction in this city is the Royal Botanical Gardens where can be amazed by the large collections of flowers. The sight is at its best in mid- May.
  6. Ottawa- Capita of Canada, this is the sixth most expensive city in Canada and the fourth largest city. The average cost of a new house is at $345,000. This city is home to the country’s top galleries, museums and events and hence gives you an easy access for utmost entertainment. The city also hosts the largest tulips festival in the world which is usually hosted in May.
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