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Upcoming Events

The Toronto Core Crew cordially invite you to Mooseman’s County Fair,  a fund-raising event to help us send Moose Man to the playa this year. The County Fair will be held at the Centre of Gravity Fairground, 1300 Gerrard St East, from 9pm.

At Mooseman’s County Fair, you’ll see everything you’d expect to encounter and more!

Interactive Petting Zoo
Livestock Pageant
Pie Eating Contest
Bacon Sculptures
Snack Food Glory Hole
Science Fair
Mooseman Raising

and other surprises!

Tickets are just $20 each, and can be bought in advance through interac email payment via your online bank account – please send payments to county.fair.tickets@gmail.com. If you need more information about how to pay this way, please click this link

Information about Interac Email Payment

You’ll receive a receipt for your payment and your name will be added to our ‘Will Call’ list.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets in person at Drinks Nights, Town Hall, and other events. Stay posted for a full list of possible events.

If you need more information about the event, or would like to volunteer as a DJ, Greeter, Bar Member, Performer, Strike or Set-upper or to help out in other ways, please email mooseman.toronto@gmail.com.

Toronto’s Burner scene is vibrant and active, here is a sampling of just some of the things we’ve got going on!

Annual & Biannual Events: