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Got a ride? Need a ride? Give a ride, get a ride! The best road trips are the ones where you make new friends. What better way to enjoy getting from A to B than getting to know someone and helping smog the planet just a little bit less at the same time. Post your wants / needs below and within 24 - 48 hours the BurnOn website magicians will have your post up to help find friends.

The list of current ride shares is available at http://burnon.ca/rideshares.
  • Logistic Info

  • If other, add event name in additional info.
  • If other, please add departure city in additional info.
  • Contact Info

    Only provide the fields of info that you would like to be available through the website for people to contact you by.
  • Any other info you'd like the rideshare(r) or rideshare(e) to know about your ride request? You can also leave additional info for the BurnOn Content Wrangler if necessary.