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BurnT Enity Formation Proposal

On Saturday, May 8, 2010 from 2 – 5 PM BurnT held it’s first ever Big F%#!ing Meeting (BFM) at the University of Toronto’s Hart House .  The meeting pARTicpants sat in Toronto artist/architect Adrian Blackwell’s unique functional art piece entitled “Model for a Public Space”.  (See image below.)  By all accounts the meeting went extremely well and a lot of great feedback was provided.  (And we determined that our average rate of Timbit consumption is in the 10 – 12 Timbit per person range for a single afternoon!)

A slide show of the Enity Formation Proposal was presented and a question and answer period followed.  We’ve uploaded both the animated  slideshow version that was presented as well as a static PDF version.    Please have a look at either version and send any comments or questions you have to burntentity@gmail.com

Part 1 of Slideshow:   2010-05-08-BurnT_Entity_Formation_Proposal-Final-Part1    

Part 2 of Slideshow:  2010-05-08-BurnT_Entity_Formation_Proposal-Final-Part2 

PDF version:  2010-05-08-BurnT_Entity_Formation_Proposal-Final

The presentation covers the following topics:

• Why we ran the BFM

• What the “Entity Team” is

• Why the Entity Team did the work to produce the proposal

• What topics the presentation addresses

• What we did not talk about or do during the BFM

• Next Steps and Timing

Please note that there are a few actions items for everyone to do including signing up to become a voting member to pARTicipate in BurnT decision-making.  There are also some questions posed throughout the presentation that encourage viewers to consider certain questions that will need to be answered before we formalize BurnT into a legal entity.  Have a look at the last couple of slides in particular for the Next Steps and Timeline.


The Entity Team