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Photo Gallery

To add / view photos from the Ontario Burning Man Community, both events on and off-playa, please visit pictures.burnon.ca. In order to see or publish any photos you will have to create an account (which currently is separate from your account for this burnon.ca site). A couple of important details to remember regarding personal space, privacy and digital documentation like photos:

  • Ask first
  • If not MAKE SURE to ask after
  • Offer the image to the individuals to review
  • If they object delete them immediately no questions asked.
  • If anybody raises any objection to specific photos that you have posted – TAKE THEM DOWN IMMEDIATELY. The privacy rights of any photographee always come before those of the group.
  • If you absolutely feel you must post photos on facebook or other social media sites, please be considerate of other peoples privacy – don’t tag without previous permission.
  • Announce where the photos have been published on the appropriate forum (Ottawa, Toronto, London) so that everyone can see them.