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mOOseman 2011 Art Grant Application Information

It’s that time of year again!  mOOseman 2011 is around the corner and it’s time to get those creative juices flowing.   This is such an exciting time!   In the spirit of Burning Man, BurnT’s annual regional event provides us with the opportunity to create and inspire community through radical self-expression, interactive art, and pARTicipation!     Shine on Burners!!!  Think of how you can “light up” our event this year, literally and figuratively—it will be a new moon this year so the more beautiful, glowy light, the better!!!

BurnT is committed to supporting and funding where possible interactive, collaborative, community art. We welcome all pARTicipants to create art at mOOseman that will enhance our collective experience. This is your chance to satisfy a deep soulful desire to create and share your work with others in a non-judgemental, supportive, an inspiring environment!  Be creative, think outside the box and tell us your vision!  Together, in all modalities of artistic self-expression, we create the magic that is mOOseman!

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  • Funding for art grants is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • We welcome art grant applications from all art disciplines- e.g., visual, performance, sculpture, media.
  • Art grants are intended to cover the costs for materials of art pieces as outlined in the application.  Transportation costs (*added costs incurred from materials not passengers) might also be considered depending on justification.
  • Art grants are NOT intended to cover time and labour or ticket price (everyone is a pARTicipant — this is a DO-OCRACY!)
  • We encourage artists first and foremost to be radically self-reliant, including using recycled materials, fundraising wherever possible and enlisting cooperation from other community members.  We will provide additional support where possible to help manifest your creative vision.
  • All receipts for your project must be provided in an organized and clearly itemized expense list prior to final art grant payout.
  • All Art Grants will be reviewed by the BurnT Art Grant Team.

Please complete the application below OR download the questions as a text file which you can email to burnon.artgrants@gmail.com when you are ready.

mOOseman 2011 Art Grant Application Form

  • What does the art mean to you and what are you trying to communicate to pARTicipants?
  • Please provide a physical description of your project including materials, size, mobile or stationary, etc.
  • Additional drawings or visual representations that help clarify your vision are strongly encouraged. Allowable formats are .jpg, .gif, .zip and .pdf.
  • If so, do you plan on supplying your own power?
    If you do not have a plan for supplying the power you need, how much power does your project require?
  • For example does it require darkness for maximum impact; will it benefit from sound isolation; will it work better in a populated area or solitary area?
  • Do you require extra volunteers?
  • Please be specific:
  • Do you require assistance transporting your project?
  • Provide a detailed safety plan for your project, including fire safety if you plan on burning your art or have any fire involved in your art, perimeter control, dangerous materials, and rigging if applicable.
  • Explain how your project will conform to the LNT philosophy and how you plan to deal with any MOOP.

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Thank you for applying for a Mooseman 2011 Art Grant!

Grant recipients will be notified by email shortly after Their application Submission.

Art grant applications should be submitted no later than July 13h.   Applications received after this date cannot be guaranteed funding review.