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There are amazing things going on in the big smoke.  In Toronto we have an e-mail list that serves the Greater Toronto Area, but includes burners from all across the province. We work closely with the Ottawa group and our projects and events are often a combination of our two groups interacting.

We’ve hosted 9 annual Burns since 2002 and 2 orphan burns since 2003. We decompress with a kick-ass party in November each year and have gatherings at Burner-friendly venues throughout the city to keep in touch year round and welcome newcomers to the community.

New projects and events are being formed all the time as our group is expanding and becoming more cohesive as a community.  Things are really hopping in 2010 with some amazing art projects coming out of the community. BurnT is the Toronto Burning Man community which hosts several great events between burns. You may recognize some of us from Santarchy, Urban Golf, Las FakeAss and other BurnT community member driven events.