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Naturopolis Inspirational Imagery

25 April 2010 No Comment

There is just under a month to go until Naturopolis on Victoria Day weekend and things are starting to come into focus. Many took advantage of the early bird opportunity and the wiki is beginning to fill up with beautiful artistic ideas for the days ahead.

The Heart Machine Conceptual DrawingIt’s very likely you will get to witness the great fire art installation, The Heart Machine, which is being built by a group of (mostly Toronto-based) Burners headed for the playa this year. They are hoping to have their initial fire component demonstration at Naturopolis. This art will warm you every-which-way-imaginable as you experience an interactive flame-effect installation. How you might ask?

Surrounding the heart in amongst the flame effects are several interaction points that require “humans” to care for and acknowledge.  Although pilot lights for the flame effects are lit, the heart machine means nothing without the laying of many hands. Participants must complete the heart machine circuits by working together.  Once a connection is made, the switch is turned on and a large flame effect is their reward.

The black light art installation known as Mushroom Kingdom will also be re-constructed. To step inside this 13′ stem mushroom was to transport yourself to another world on the playa. Less than 1/2 of the original wall panels were painted on their inside due to the wind-related meltdown that MK suffered on-playa. So if you have any artistic talent or desire, there will be canvas a plenty on which you can create. We will have some UV paints and brushes, but bring others if you have them. If you never saw The Mushroom Kingdom, check out this MK Flickr Photo Gallery!

There is much more in the works. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Go register today! To wrap up this inspirational images post, here are 15 photos from past burn events that are not a far stretch to imagine could occur in some form at Naturopolis.

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