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Devolution Photos

25 November 2009 4 Comments

You can see and upload photos from the decompression over at http://pictures.burnon.ca/!


  • Muriel Rhizome said:

    Will these photos actually ever be published?

  • dyslexia said:

    @Muriel: This post was as much a notice to folks who took pics that there is now a spot to post their shots to as anything else. The Photo Booth pics are being processed and those should start coming in soon, hopefully!

  • playabull said:

    do these photos actually exist or was it just a scam and these pix are now being sold on the interweb??? very concerned

  • Tom Rathborne (author) said:

    I gave Ian the info on how he can upload them last week, so they should be coming soon. I will bug him.