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Toronto Santarchy 2009: December 19

25 November 2009 6 Comments

Join Santa (that’s you) at the Imperial Pub at 8pm on Saturday December 19 for an anarchic pub crawl.


  • Santa said:

    Does santa have a route planned for this year? what about a great place to end up? like Santas workshop?
    Can we try and organize something like this. ??? Santa

  • Geoff Waszek said:

    Looking for Santa Suits or Elf Costumes for Toronto’s 2009 Santarchy? Check out Candy’s Costume Shop!


    Candy’s Costume Shop
    511 Mount Pleasant Rd
    Toronto, ON

  • joanne said:

    I am looking for a Santacon here in Toronto. Last year I went to the one in Boston, what a blast. it started at 11am at the Warren Tavern in Charlestown and went until the bars closed. Can’t make it to Boston this year, it’s on the 12th but would love to get one started here in Toronto to start at 11am and go all day.

  • Santa said:

    The goal of Santarchy is to have a fun, ultimately harmless, bawdy good time.

    Remember the Four Fucks of Santa:

    * DON’T Fuck with the cops.
    * DON’T Fuck with kids.
    * DON’T Fuck with door staff.
    * DON’T Fuck with Santa.

  • Santa said:

    SANTArchy, not ZANTArchy.

    It has come to our attention that someone — unbeknownst to us — has been posting all over the internet that Zanta will be the “Grand Marshall” of Santarchy 2009.

    To be excruciatingly clear: no-one at burnon.ca had any knowledge of these posts being made and there is *no* association with burnon.ca and Zanta.

    As Santa posted above, the goal is not a chaotic scene. The goal is a bit of surreal street theatre wherein Santa, en masse, appears, delights, revels & then moves on — leaving everyone’s hearts lighter and a few bars’ tills a little fuller.

    Any Zanta sightings or incidents occurring on December 19th anywhere near the various routes Santa takes through the city are not the responsibility of or result of any actions by anyone else but himself.

    Santa spreads good cheer! Viva la Santa!!

  • azarethroy said:

    Weird. This event is a copy: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197895197595 and starts at 5pm. Won’t that be…anarchy?