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mOOseman 2012 Financial Report

17 September 2012 No Comment

Hello BurnT,

As per stipulations of BurningMan LLC, the lead team for Mooseman has published the financial report for Mooseman2012 – attached. We are glad to report that the event exceeded expenses by $3K, which offsets the losses incurred at recent events including last year’s Mooseman event.

Many thanks to all participants who made the event a success this year. Please continue to submit your comments for our Afterburn report, which will be forwarded to next year’s organizers.

The Lead Team will be available to answer any questions in person at coming Town Halls.

Loving dust to all…

Mooseman 2012 Lead Team (The Invisible Hand)

Mooseman 2012

Online Ticket Sales
EventBrite (152 tickets) 9813.52
In Person Ticket Sales
All Tickets (78 tickets) 4245

Total Revenue 14058.52

Land Rental 2500
Insurance 623.38
Fire Performance Materials 72.55
Shelters for DJ & Common Area 474.57
Workshop Materials 48.23
Security Costs 500
Signs, Greeters First Aid & Misc Infrastructure 49.91
Motorola Radios 344.65
Sound System 633.93
Generators & Equipment Rental 740.53
Long Crew supplies 207.89
Gas Cans 65.49
Generator Fuel 175.03
Art Grants 851.17
Broken Part for Landowner ATV 150
Broken Speakers 500
Effigy 500
Lights 50.67
Photocopy Costs 125.43
Truck 625.4
Truck Gas & Parking 195.73
Porta-Potties 1620

Total Costs 11,054.56

Profit (LOSS) 3,003.96

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