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mOOseman Tickets Still Available

4 July 2012 No Comment

‎$80 tickets on sale from now until July 31st just before midnight. Note that attendance for the event is capped, and we are expecting much higher attendance this year so buy your tickets early !

To purchase online visit: http://mooseman2012.eventbrite.com/ – Note that ALL admissions are on-line ‘will call’ tickets.

In-Person Tickets will be sold at drinks night @ The Caledonian located at 856 College St. west of Ossignton Ave from 6:30pm onwards. Ask for Marc or Stacey!

**Admissions fees may be transferred up to the last day of admission sales (July 31, 2012) WITH notification to the event organizers of the transfer AND submission of the new buyer’s name and email address.

Email mooseman.toronto@gmail.com for transfers.

This year’s mOOseman weekend taking place from Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM – Monday, August 6, 2012 at 4:00 PM (ET) is set to take place in a new venue on a partly forested and open terrain area on private property near Minden, ON. Our site this year is beautiful, and will include a 30’ diameter rock formation fire pit with access to a public beach approximately 5 km or a 5 minute drive from the site.

***PLEASE NOTE*** – We are starting the event 1 day earlier and gates will be open on Thursday night at 6pm!


This event adheres to these 10 core principles:

Need a ride? Have one to offer? Please visit our Ride Share Board here to sort yourself out: http://mooseman.erideshare.com/

VOLUNTEERING – Contact corymacdonald@gmail.com
An event of mOOseman’s magnitude needs many hands and minds to come together to be a success. Given the scale of this year’s event, it is critical that all pARTicipants volunteer to assist in some capacity to make the event a success.

We’re all volunteers so why not join the fun of working to make the event happen?

Interested in volunteering but don’t know where? We are looking for all sorts of volunteers to help us make this the best mOOseman ever and pARTicipation is extra important now with the growth of mOOseman and other regional events due to the Burning Man ticket scarcity problem.

We expect higher demand to attend this year, so community volunteer participation will be very important. When you buy your ticket, we’ll be asking for some info from you on how you think you can help. In June and July we’ll contact you to schedule shifts and put you in touch with the right team leads. If you want to get a head start contact Cory at corymacdonald@gmail.com


Contact hillarythomson@gmail.com
2012 is shaping up to be the Themey Campiest Mooseman yet!! Thanks to all who have registered so far!

Straight from the mouths of our Theme Camps…..
Read about what is to come, and how you can join the fun!

Battleship Boutique Camp
Come display your mental and physical prowess while battling friends and foe in a variety of board games. Kids of all ages welcome. Everyone wins a costume prize! Costume donations gratefully accepted. For more info email Tara at taramwhite@hotmail.com

Reverend Robin Rock n Roll Revival Camp

Mooseman’s longest running theme camp! For those looking for a religious experience, we’re going to provide the festival with a Saturday and Sunday revival sing and playalong service. Whether you are into rock n roll healings, devil slaying, or selling your soul, there will be something for everyone! Hymn books provided.

And in case you’re wondering….yes, we’re bringing the organ.
All ages welcome for service. Grateful Dead Jam and other musical event details coming soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Hammock Camp
Bring a hammock (or two, or three!) to help us create a magical hammock land to spend some relaxing time at Mooseman. For more information email Rick at pegandrick@sympatico.ca, or just bring your hammock!”
More details to come!

Dirty Old Man Camp
A place for everyone to get in touch with the dirty old man that is inside us all, heh heh. We will be hosting assorted playgives (aka workshops) with a Dirty Old Man theme. There will be a large 24 hr lounge. Massage. Yoga.

The Starfires Groove Centre
The Starfires camp will feature two musical happenings each day of Mooseman.

*** Morning Musical Meditation ***
Late mornings, we will be creating improvised meditation music. Please come
to do yoga, stretch, meditate, nap, sip tea, or slow dance, as we create
musical textures to facilitate and support your experience.

*** Psychedelic Dance Party! ***
Each evening, we will be hosting a Psychedelic Dance Party! The Starfires
and guests will lay down largely improvised groove music drawing on sounds
and styles of American Psychedelic Rock, 70s Afro-funk fusion, Latin rock,
as well as stealing liberally from dance and groove music of all styles.

The purpose of the Starfires Groove Centre will be to make each day a little
bit brighter. And also, to get the funk out!

We will be serving coffee and tea at the Morning Musical Meditation and the
Psychedelic Dance Party. Come by if you need a pick-me-up.

The Starfires

Pirate Monkeys
A’Hoy Me hearty – We’d be invitin’ ye Landlubbers & Sprogs to visit the Powder Monkeys Theme Camp while yer ashore at Mooseman. Now ye may be wondering – Who be this crew of scallywags? Aye! We claim alliance to the hardest partin’ Pirates this side of Maskokas. We set sail upon a ship of Freedom, on the tide of Expression and seek a fine booty of fun and silliness. If these claims call to ye’ as a siren might, ye’ are welcome to join us for a yarn and a drink. For more details contact staceymsguyver@gmail.com

4:20 Groggery – Yo Ho-ho-ho a Pirates life for me! Tis’ gatherin ait for the Lily-livered! Expect to be loaded to the Gunwales. Mead, grub and the like ‘twill be made available. A donation in kind will be most kindly received. Music and merriment into the night.

Well I’m crook in the head for I haven’t been to bed
Since first I touched this shanty with my plunder
I see centipedes and snakes, and I’m full of pains and aches
So I’d better make a push out over yonder….to Baconade!
Bacon Salmagundi to salve you weary body and head. Bacon in every form every ye’ ever conceived…and many never dared before. ARRRRRRrrrr….!

To help us sort out placement for the masses of camps, please answer the questions on the Theme Camp Registration Questionnaire below and email to hillarythomson@gmail.com

Please Submit as soon as possible!

The due date for official registration is Monday, July 9th, however, over the next few weeks we would love to have an idea of how many/what sorts of theme camps we can expect. So whether you are in the midst of planning or your idea is just a sparkle in your mind, let us know what you’re thinking. We might be able to assist, and the sooner we know, the better!
In case you missed it the first time, here are some suggestions: Java Camp, Experimental Dentistry Camp, PB&J Snobs, Poodle Dancers, Camp, Make Out with a Mannequin camp, Fun Fur Outfitters !

If you are unsure of some of your specifics, simply answer “don’t know yet”.

  1. What is the name of your theme camp?
  2. Who is the contact person(s)? Please provide contact email and phone number.
  3. Theme camp theme…like, what is it ?
  4. How is your theme camp interactive?
  5. Approximately how much space does your theme camp need? Do you have special requirements for your area?
    (There are some factors however that will affect your placement: Will people be passing through 24 hours a day or just at limited times of the day? Is the camp intended for daytime or nighttime activity? Are you planning to burn your camp? Do you prefer or require relatively peaceful surroundings?)
  6. Do you require power? If so, what is your power plan?
  7. Do you have any amplified sound or gear? Do you want to be loud? HOW LOUD? WHAT?
  8. What is your set-up/tear down plan and timeline?
  9. What is your Leave No Trace plan?
  10. Is your camp Adults-Only? Kid Friendly? Neither, as in ‘just a camp’? Why or Why Not ? Explain.
  11. Information on any other way we can assist you in setting up your Theme Camp for mOOseman
  12. Do you want people to know about your camp before they arrive at Mooseman?(If you want to publicize your camp, submit your description and a graphic (optional) for the What Where When guide by July 22nd)

    Contact rebecca.plumjudy@yahoo.ca and seanmichaelalbert@gmail.com
    Performers needed to The mOOseman caBeret, Fancy Pants Music Soiree, and a seeeeectret performance ‘event’. Any and all acts! poets, spinners (twirlers too!), clowns, burlesquers, drummers, ballet dancers, fan dancers, pole dancers, buskers, improve teams, bands, *marching* bands(!!), mimes, puppeteers, contortionists! come one come all! (one limitation is for the aerialists, sorry fliers, we won’t have rigging) Please contact Rebecca (Grove-Foster) and Sean Michael (or the mOOse if you don’t know us!) for more info and to get on the list!

    Workshop/PlayAwesome Creators

    Contact lisa.cockburn@gmail.com
    This is a fantastic, safe and inspiring space to learn from each other, test ideas out, share gifts and talents, but mostly just have fun. Think outside the “workshop”. Already we plan to have clowning, live music looping, knitting, yoga… What awesomeness will you bring?
    Please contact lisa herenow (lisa.cockburn@gmail.com) for more information or to chat about possibilities.


    Contact burnon.artgrants@gmail.com


    It’s that time of year again! mOOseman 2012 is around the corner and it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. This is such an exciting time! In the spirit of Burning Man, BurnT’s annual regional event provides us with the opportunity to create and inspire community through radical self-expression, interactive art, and pARTicipation! Think of what amazing creations you can bring to this event and let us know!! We are here to help!!

    BurnT is committed to supporting and funding where possible interactive, collaborative, community art. We welcome all pARTicipants to create art at mOOseman that will enhance our collective experience. This is your chance to satisfy a deep soulful desire to create and share your work with others in a non-judgemental, supportive, an inspiring environment! Be creative, think outside the box and tell us your vision! Together, in all modalities of artistic self-expression, we create the magic that is mOOseman!


    Contact rlopes@bigcrater.com
    Hey all, we still looking for DJ’s who want to play Mooseman this year! As the event is starting ON THURSDAY, we have even more slots to fill this year! If you are interested, send me an email at rlopes@bigcrater.com

    For more information please check out our Facebook Event Page found here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=238431426168060

    Our website found here: www.burnon.ca

    and Tweet us @burntoronto

    If you have any questions email mooseman.toronto@gmail.com!

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