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Toronto Decompression 2011 “Cold Compress” — Performance Schedule

13 January 2011 2 Comments

Check this out — The Mega-Fantastico Performance Schedule for COLD COMPRESS!

(NOTE: For location & other details, see main event page: http://burnon.ca/toronto/toronto-decompression-cold-compress)


9-10:30pm: Live Music!
10:30pm: Sage Ceremony
10:45pm: Cold Compress Cabaret

Live Music (bands and electronic artists) along with DJs all night in dancefloor room. See main event page for details!


• Alex and Dry Love (live music)
• Marlee (sage ceremony)
• Ian Grindall (flow/spin arts)
• David Ito + Scarlet Black (flow/spin arts)
• Dan Muirhead (flow/spin arts)
• Joe Laszlo (flow/spin arts)
• David Luong (flow/spin arts)
• Alex Flareon & JJ Fyrirrek (flow/spin arts)
• Cassandra Frechette (flow/spin arts)
• MC Sketchy & his Playa Lovah! (cabaret hosts!)
• BabyG Love (spoken word/poetry)
• Lady V (songstress extraordinaire)
• Aimee (theatre/song)
• Super (clowning)
• Mystic Caravan (bellydance)
• Ocean (bellydance)
• Rosanna McGuire (bellydance)
• Fanny Plum and Delisha Divine (burlesque)
• Carni Val (burlesque)
• Robot Porn (book reading accompanied by live music)

Please Note: Fire Show has been canceled due to insurance reasons! We are very sorry to report that due to insurance company restrictions and after long, complicated negotiations, we have had to cancel the fire show for Cold Compress. All our fire artists have been invited to perform non-fire spin arts in the Cold Compress Cabaret — come check them out!


  • Marlee said:

    hello can you please add my name in relation to the sage ceremony so i can get credit thank you <3

  • dyslexia (author) said:

    Done! This list was initially just the list of folks in the Cold Comp Cabaret — been fleshing it out to include everyone.